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Readers have been very enthusiastic about Blood in the Desert!

"A page turner and powerful testimony to faith and determination."
In reading Blood in the Desert I was in awe of the devotion the characters had in spite of overwhelming odds. Facing adversity in all places and the author's ability to draw you into the turmoil.

"This first book is setting a high standard for those to follow. I hope there are many more!" 
Blood in the Desert by Doug Gordon is a well-researched and cleverly told story of the life of early Christians in the Roman Empire. The story goes well beyond the classic framing of many other historical novels into the realm of spiritual love and everlasting beliefs, as they reveal themselves over time in a vivid historical context. The characters are compelling and the story itself is full of surprises. Complete with unusual facts and intriguing scenarios, it will be of interest to readers of all faiths.

"Reading Blood in the Desert is a feast for academic historians and biblical scholars." 
Gordon brings the brutality of the Roman scourge in all its bloody tenacity to life as he concomitantly draws us into the life and love of early Christians whose trust in Yesua and need for community bind them to the living Word of salvation."
"Quite honestly, I didn't want the book to end and am anxious for the next in the series. Doug Gordon’s book, Blood in the Desert, is written in such a way that the history of early Christianity in all of its brutality is easier to appreciate and understand. His characters, although fictional, come alive and walk you through the age of martyrdom as they desperately cling to their deep devotion to Jesus and His teachings. I was spiritually engaged and in awe of the depth of his knowledge of the early teachings of the church. It’s how I want my history lesson to be delivered, much more entertaining than a textbook."
"An infectious story composed of history, fiction and early Christian martyrdom offering a glimpse into early Believers and their struggle to sustain their belief in Him and love." 

"The minute I closed it I wanted to pick up and explore all the book left me to ponder
Blood in the Desert was strongly recommended to me. I am not a history buff but a lover of books that leave me questioning my views, this is that book. Passing this recommendation on and on."

"Mr Gordon's first Historical Fiction Novel brings us back to the Genesis of Christianity."
Written by a scholar who's grasp of both biblical expertise and geographic relevance transforms the reader into a world of conflict ,ritual struggle and interpretation of the metamorphosis that is as current now as it was in the formation of religious belief following Jesus.The realism of life, travel, turmoil, and love found in his characters propels us on a journey we enter and follow with our emotions taking hold, unfolding to a surprising climax

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